Clean Christian Walk Out Music Softball

45 Clean Christian Walk Up & Warm Up Songs for Softball

Looking for clean music for the ballpark?

We’ve all been there.  Walking around the fields at a massive softball tournament with little kids running around and watching their big sisters play ball.  Then it happens.  One of the teams plays a warm-up song that has absolutely no business being played at a softball tournament around all these small children.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have no problem with whatever music you listen to, but at least have some respect for parents that may try to keep certain things out of their youngsters’ lives.  This is a youth sport and there have been more times than I can count when I’ve heard music played that is completely out of place at a public ballpark.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone hand you a list of clean, curse-word-free, game music for your teams to use at their ball tournaments?  This is where we come in!  We’ve sat hours in front of the computer listening to music trying to find the perfect list curated for your needs.  Some of these songs, we have already recommended in the past on other walk-out music lists, but we’ve also added quite a few new songs as well!

Now go pick you up a speaker (you can’t go wrong with the affordable ION Audio Block Rocker Plus ) and download a few of these songs and go have some fun at the ballpark!

List of clean softball walkout songs

Brandon Lake – Count ‘Em (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Wande & Porsha Love – Don’t Worry Bout It (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Flame – Break The Building feat. Serge (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Derek Minor – See You Win (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Derek Minor – No Quit (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Rhett Walker feat. Tedashii – All Joy No Stress (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Thousand Foot Krutch – War of Change (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Thousand Foot Krutch – Let The Sparks Fly (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Thousand Foot Krutch – Move (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Thousand Foot Krutch – Rawkfist (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Thousand Foot Krutch – Fire It Up (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Skillet – Feel Invincible (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Skillet – Finish Line (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Skillet – Legendary (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Red – Unstoppable (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Family Force 5 feat. Tedashii – Chainsaw (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Family Force 5 – Dang Girl (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Family Force 5 – BZRK (Dirty Rice Remix) (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Fireflight – Fire In My Eyes (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Fireflight – Unbreakable (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Blanca feat. Tedashii – Not Backing Down (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
P.O.D. – Boom (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Superchick – Rock What You Got (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Ledger feat. John Cooper – Warrior (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Audio Adrenaline – Move (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Capital Kings – Live For The Drop (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Tauren Wells feat. KB – Undefeated (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Carrollton – Made For This (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Carrollton – This Is My Time (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Social Club Misfits feat. Tauren Wells – War Cry (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Social Club Misfits & Ty Brasel – God On My Side (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
KB – Church Clap (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
KB – Hold Me Back (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
KB feat. Andy Mineo – 100 (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Tedashii feat. Lecrae – Dum Dum (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Tedashii – Get Out My Way (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Andy Mineo – You Know The Drill (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link) this song is listed as “explicit” on Amazon, however after double-checking the lyrics, we aren’t sure why
Andy Mineo & Lecrae – Coming In Hot (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Andy Mineo – You Can’t Stop Me (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Andy Mineo – I Aint’ Done (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Royal Tailor – Got That Fire (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
YB – Butterfly Vibes (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Aaron Cole – My Year (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Kanye West – Follow God (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)
Steven Furtick – I Will Be Confident (Amazon Link) (YouTube Link)

Now that you’ve found you a few clean, positive walk out and warm up songs you can finally get out on that field and play some softball!

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