How Do I Find A Fastpitch Softball Travel Ball Team Near Me?

How Do I Find A Fastpitch Softball Travel Ball Team Near Me?

Are you a parent of a young softball player who loves the game and wants to take it to the next level? Joining a fastpitch softball travel ball team might be just the opportunity you’re looking for! These teams are a stepping stone to more competitive and challenging softball experiences. But the big question is, how do you find one near you? Let’s dive into it step by step.

1. Start with Online Research

The internet is your first and most powerful tool in the search for a travel ball team. You can begin by:

Search Engines: Use search engines like Google to look for fastpitch softball travel teams in your area. Try keywords like “fastpitch softball travel teams near me” or include your city or state in the search.

Social Media: Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter often have pages or groups dedicated to local sports. Joining these groups can help you find information about travel teams and connect with coaches or other players. We really feel like Facebook groups shine in this area. A great example is if you live in Eastern Kentucky, then search Facebook for “Fastpitch Softball East Kentucky” or replace East Kentucky with any large city or county near your area. You may be surprised how many groups there are!

2. Reach Out to Local Softball Organizations

Your local softball organizations, such as leagues, clubs, or associations, can be a valuable resource:

Ask Your Coach: If you’re currently playing for a school or community league, your coach might know about nearby travel ball teams or have connections in the softball community.

Visit Softball Fields: Local softball fields or complexes often have bulletin boards or flyers with information about travel teams. Check them out when you’re at the fields for games or practices.

3. Attend Softball Tournaments and Showcases

Many travel ball teams participate in tournaments and showcases. Attending these events can help you:

Network: You can meet coaches, players, and parents from various travel teams, making it easier to find the right fit.

Watch Games: Watching games helps you see how certain teams play, figure out how good they are, and decide if they may make a good fit not only for your player but your family as well.

4. Online Softball Forums and Websites

There are several websites and forums dedicated to softball discussions. These can be excellent places to gather information:

Softball-Specific Websites: Websites like Field Level or Softball America often have directories or listings of travel ball teams.

Forums: Participate in softball forums where you can ask for recommendations or guidance from experienced players or parents.  Discuss Fastpitch is an amazing forum that is still pretty active.

Organization Websites: Many organizations (for example: USSSA) have lists of tournaments and what teams will be attending as well as their home location.

5. Contact Local Softball Coaches

Local high school or college softball coaches can be great resources.  Reach out to these coaches, explain your interest in joining a travel team, and ask if they have any recommendations or contacts.  Many times coaches are tight knit in a geographical area and will know when teams are needing extra players.

6. Attend Tryouts and Open Practices

Once you’ve identified potential travel ball teams, find out when they’re holding tryouts or open practices.  Sign up and be early to the tryouts and open practices.  Don’t forget to pay good attention to the team’s coaching styles and the atmosphere of the players and parents.

7. Talk to Current Players and Parents

If possible, try to connect with current or former players and their parents from the travel teams you’re interested in:

Get Insights: They can provide valuable insights into the team’s culture, expectations, and experiences.

8. Consider Travel Distance and Commitment

When looking for a travel ball team, it’s essential to consider how far you’re willing to travel for practices and games. Travel teams often require much more time and commitment than recreational leagues, so ensure it aligns with your schedule and goals.  Most likely your child will have more practices and the possibilty of required lessons on the side.  You will also need to realize that some teams travel a lot more than others.  Look at the teams past schedules to see what kind of travelling they do which will help you decide if it will be a proper fit for your family.

If you and your child really feel that you have what it takes to go to the next level, then a travel ball team offers so much more than rec ball. I would highly suggest that if you feel comfortable in her current skill levels after watching other travel ball teams to go ahead and use the above information to help you start your search for a travel ball team. Our world completely changed when our daughters went from rec ball to all-stars and then on to travel ball. I don’t think we would change a thing because it has been such an enjoyment for our kids and also for us as parents as well.  Also, check out our article on the Top 5 Reasons Your Daughter SHOULDN’T Play Travel Softball and make sure you are making the right step for her.