6 Best Wagons for Travel Softball

6 Best Wagons (Carts or Buggies) for Travel Softball

If you have been to any travel softball tournament, you know that almost every seasoned softball family is pulling around a buggy or wagon full of chairs, canopies, hidden coolers, snack bags, and maybe even a sleeping toddler.  If you don’t own one, then what are you waiting for?  Yes, they take up more space, and sometimes it is a pain to pull one around without running people over in a crowd, but the upside is well worth it.  You’re back will thank you.

In the past, there weren’t a ton of wagon styles.  You had a basic wagon with nothing special about it.  Just enough to get the job done.  Now you can find buggies with oversized tires for better stability and that will pull better in sandy areas.  You’ve got wagons with tailgates that drop, which come in handy when carrying larger objects like canopies and sleeping toddlers.  Some have cupholders and pockets.  There are even double-decker wagons!  With so many to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which ones are worth the price and which ones should be avoided.  We have decided to help you shorten that list a little and find which wagons or buggies best fit your needs.

Best Buggy For Those Bringing A Canopy
TIMBER RIDGE Folding Double Decker Wagon

Have you ever seen a double-decker wagon?  These things are amazing.  When you’re lugging a canopy in a wagon it never fits (unless you have a fold-down tailgate like this Timber Ridge Wagon).  With the lower shelf opened, it extends to 54 inches!  With thicker tires and a sturdy frame, this is a great option for the families spending the day at a sunny weekend softball tournament. *Make sure the dimensions of the wagon will allow the dimensions of your folded canopy.

Best Buggy For Stability (Wide Tires)
Ozark Trail All-Terrain Folding Wagon with Oversized Wheels

This is our family’s go-to wagon for ball tournaments (along with an older Academy Sports wagon that still kinda gets the job done).  You don’t have to worry about uneven sidewalks, roots, and many other obstacles with this wagon as you would with many other wagons with thinner tires.  Having an entire side of pockets and mesh holders makes this a must-have for a travel softball family.

Sturdiest (used to be Big Kat Buggy)
Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM Steel Garden Cart with Removable Sides

If you never saw the Big Kat Buggy when they were popular a few years back, then you missed out.  They were a beast of a wagon, but now you can hardly find one.  They also were quite expensive.  If you can’t find a Big Kat, then you’re next best bet is this Gorilla Cart.  For those carrying heavy-duty items like generators, fans, buckets, and other dirty, heavy equipment, this wagon is a must-have.  The fabric wagons aren’t quite made as strong as these.  With a 400 lb capacity and 10″ pneumatic tires, it should handle almost anything you decide to cart around in it.  Side panels are removable to accommodate larger loads.

Big carrying capacity
Hikenture Collapsible Wagon with 200L Large Capacity

This wagon is for the softball family that likes to bring everything but the kitchen sink to a tournament.  Bigger than most folding wagons, you’ll have plenty of room for all the snacks, drinks, chairs, and blankets you’ll ever need.

Budget option B0079P1KH6
Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Utility Wagon

Sometimes all you need is a basic wagon to carry a few things in and out of the ballpark.  You don’t really want to pay over $100 for a wagon and I completely get it.  Our Academy Sports wagon was well under that and did an ok job for what we needed it to.  This Mac Sports wagon is a very popular option for your basic wagon under $100 (at least at the time of writing).  If you don’t think it’s a good one, check out the reviews.  There are a ton of great reviews for this wagon so don’t just take our word for it!

Most Unique Wagon
The Lounge Wagon

Ok.  Get a load of this.  How cool would it be to have a wagon that would hold 500 lbs of gear and then convert into a double chair with umbrella as well?  Maybe this isn’t the most practical wagon to be bringing along to a ballpark, but we did want to share it with you just because it is extremely unique.  Even if you aren’t willing to spend the big bucks on it, it’s still worth heading over to Amazon and checking out this neat little Kickstarter/Indiegogo funded wagon.

So, did you see a wagon that caught your eye?  Trust us when we say that using a wagon/buggy will make your trip to the ballpark so much more enjoyable.  Hauling everything in one trip is well worth the cost of picking up one of these helpful little carts.


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