Where To Buy Softball Uniforms: The Best Vendors

There’s one constant in fastpitch softball.  These girls grow. FAST.  Every season you’re probably going to be buying new uniforms.  Whether it be from wear and tear from holes and stains or just the fact that they don’t fit anymore, buying uniforms will always be a never-ending issue.

It’s not always easy to know who to turn to as a softball uniform vendor, especially if you’re new to the buying experience.  We’re going to try and make that a little easier.  Below we have listed a number of uniform vendors for softball.  We did not put this in any order and haven’t had hands-on experience with every one of these vendors however, these are all uniform vendors that carry a good reputation throughout the softball communities.

The Best Softball Uniform Vendors



Two Five Apparel

Black Star Athletics

VROBI Sports

Berserk Athletics

DO Apparel

CA Gear

Uniform Express

Our last suggestion (and maybe it should have actually been our first) is to shop local!  Find someone you can deal with face to face.  You can just head over to Google Maps and search for “Sports Uniform”, “Sublimation” or “Custom Jersey” and you should be able to get a few suggestions showing up on the map of places possible to have a custom uniform created.

You can also just pay attention at the next tournament you’re at and when you see uniforms you really like, then talk to the coach of that team and see where they got them from.

Hopefully you have gotten some value out of these suggestions.  Good luck finding that next great uniform!

–  SoftballGalaxy

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