We all know that it is sometimes near impossible to find the best gift for that special someone in our life.  This is also true for softball players.  Here at Softball Galaxy we’ve saved you time by giving you some great options for the best gifts for that softball player in your life, and most importantly it’s almost all related to….you guessed it, Softball!  So without wasting any more of your time, here are our 15 picks for the best gift ideas for your softball player.

*UPDATE – Yeah, yeah…we know it’s not 15 items anymore like the title says.  It’s more!!  These are tried and true items that we keep discovering so of course we’re going to share them with you!*


Franklin Sports Eye Black Stickers – Customizable with White Pencil

The girls in the Softball Galaxy family love this product!  They love being able to customize their eye black, and there were no problems with these coming off, even when their faces got hot and sweaty.

Softball Earrings Studs

Girls will be girls, and it just so happens that most girls love jewelry.  These affordable earrings are perfect for the young softball player wanting to show their hobby to the world and look good while doing it.  We can personally vouch that these make GREAT birthday presents your softball girls!

Softball Bracelet

What softball player wouldn’t want this amazing looking bracelet?  Cute and affordable, this bracelet makes a perfect gift for that girly softball player in your life.

Stack 52 Exercise Cards Tri Pack: Strength Bodyweight Workout Playing Card Game

Most softball players strive to reach their greatest potential, which is why this playing card game makes such a great gift idea.  Not really suitable for the youngest players, this will however be perfect for the older girls that want to build their strength up for the game.  Being able to workout anywhere without equipment, these cards and 15 mins a day can help your player build up the body strength they want to have to have improve their game.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Smart Fitness Band (Small), Diamond Red, SM-R365NZRNXAR

Wanting to drop a little more money on a nicer gift for the softball player in your life?  Every softball player would love to sport around this really cool Samsung fitness watch.  With session apps powered by Under Armour, 50m water resistance, gps mapping and more this pool-ready, durable watch is sure to bring a smile to your players face!

Anker AK-A3182011 SoundCore Sport Portable Bluetooth Speaker [IPX7 Waterproof/Dustproof Rating, 10-Hour Playtime]

Picture this.  Your softball player is heading to the tournament.  Why not listen to some tunes (Guess what!  We have song suggestions as well!)  Strap this bluetooth speaker onto her bat bag and let her jam out to calm her nerves before the big game.  This speaker can handle the rain shower that passes over head, and is durable enough to handle the roughness of any dugout.  Crystal clear sound, good bass, up to 10 hour battery play time, and handsfree calling (with the build in microphone) makes this one great little speaker to gift to the softball player in your life.

Softball Flower Sign, Life Will Always Throw Curves, Baseball/Softball Sign

Do you have a softball player that keeps their room looking cute at any cost?  Do they enjoy decorating their walls with items that express their interests?  If the answer is Yes, then you can bet they would love this sign.  Look closely at the flower and you can see why any softball player with a sense of style would want this.

Softball All Day Tank Top

This really cute Softball All Day Tank Top design is the perfect gift for any softball player.  Cute and simple so that any softball player in your life would love this design.

Women in Sports: 50 Fearless Athletes Who Played to Win

Does your softball player love to keep her nose stuck in a book.  That’s great!  Always encourage the things that they love.  If they love reading and they love sports, then this is definitely the book for them!

Under Armour Women’s Radar III Softball Batting Gloves, Tropic Pink/White


While these grips are worth their awesome looks alone, they aren’t just to please the eye.  They also please your hands.  Wrap on these good looking Vulcan bat grips on your softball players bat while they sleep and let them wake up to the great new feel and look on their favorite bat.  Perfect gift for the softball addicts in your life.  Paired with the grip and rip below, it will almost be as if she has a completely new bat without all the expense!

Grip-N-Rip Bat Grip Taper, Pink

Cheap, yet very effective.  Makes the grip on a bat feel much more pinkie finger friendly.  Grab one for every bat in your players arsenal!

Hot Glove Glove Break-In Kit Value Bundle

Varo ARC Bat Training Weight, 12oz, for Softball (Jennie Finch Edition) – Barrel Feel – Improve Your Batting, Barrel Speed, and Develop Swing Mechanics

ALPHA Bat Rack (Multi-Purpose) Fence & Wall Mounted Baseball/Softball STEEL Bat Rack

Are you tired of seeing all the bats and gloves piled into a corner?  Give your player’s room an update with this cool looking bat rack! Store the ball, bats and gloves up off the floor and enjoy the much more pleasing view of her room.

The Softball Game Journal (A 50 Game Journal)

If your little softball player loves to write or keep journals in her spare time, then there’s nothing better than letting her have a softball specific journal that perfectly represents her love for the sport.  Perfect little gift for accompanying a larger purchase or stocking stuffer at Christmas time.  To top it off it is extremely inexpensive!

Boombah Rolling Superpack Softball Gear Bag

Here it is!  The best of the best when it comes to transporting all your softball gear.  We love this bag in our family so much that we have a 2nd one on the way as of writing this post.  Never worry about not having enough room for all of her gear with this bag, and having it on wheels makes it easy on her back when moving from field to field.

Tanner Tee

Don’t let her practice on those junky low end tees that continue to crack and break and may or may not be held together with electrical tape (yeah…we know….we’ve been there too).  If your softball player routinely uses tee practice to improve her form then she will be forever grateful if she receives this amazing, solid batting tee.  Can you spend less on a different brand?  Yes, but in the end you will most likely regret buying cheaper when you could have gotten quality the first time.