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As the game of softball gets more competitive year after year, players find themselves looking for the best gear to keep them safe out on the field. While you don’t want injuries on any part of your body, you especially want to do everything to protect your head and face. Anything could happen on the field that could result in the need for a good helmet. With younger softball players, the main reason for a helmet may not be so much from a fast pitch but instead from a bad throw striking them in the head, or even a team mate swinging a bat too close to them. Once they get older everything speeds up. The pitches, throws and hits get much faster and having a helmet could potentially even safe someone from traumatic brain injury when a random hit or throw occurs.

Here at Softball Galaxy we’ve decided to help provide you with some of our favorite helmets that you may be interested in to protect that beautiful noggin of yours (or your childs). Lucky for you, helmet makers have also started making this piece of safety equipment not only work well, but look dang good at the same time! Hopefully you can find one that catches your eye and will get the job done that you need it for.

We have provided links to all helmets, however you need to make sure that the sizing is correct for the player you will be purchasing this for as some links may lead to a specific size.

Please make sure that whatever helmet you decide to purchase meets all standards for whatever league the player will be playing in.


Rawlings Sporting Goods Highlighter Series Softball Helmet BUDGET FRIENDLY – while not the most strikingly beautiful helmet on the market, this Rawlings helmet gets the job done and is a great helmet of choice for those looking for an affordable, but basic helmet. A little tip – check Walmart clearance at the end of the season to grab this helmet for a steal!

CHAMPRO HX Rookie Fastpitch Softball Batting Helmet with Facemask BUDGET FRIENDLY – The CHAMPRO HX Rookie is another great option for the budget minded player or parent. With a simple design and two colors to pick from, this helmet still gets the job done for that up and coming softball player.

Boombah DEFCON Sleek Profile Helmet – A lightweight and very attractive helmet available in Junior and Senior sizes. Pre-drilled for attachment of mask and/or chin strap.  As of this writing this helmet is available in LOTS of color combinations.

RIP-IT Vision Pro Softball Helmet ft. Blackout Technology – From the makers of our favorite fielders mask! The Rip-It Vision Pro is designed for optimal visibility that gives you an increased area of peripheral vision. Available in many colors and multiple sizes as well.

Easton Prowess Fastpitch Softball Helmet – Specifically engineered for the female athlete. One of the coolest things about this helmet (and it’s mainly a visual observance) is the fact that the facemasks hardware is hidden within the helmet which gives a very sleek look to the Easton Prowess. The helmet is designed so that there is less hair pulling when putting it on or taking it off. How we do love to see the initiative taken from Easton for safety wear specifically designed for girls!

Demarini Paradox Batting Helmet – Not only does Demarini make amazing bats, but they also make a good helmet as well.  There’s nothing fancy about the Demarini Paradox, but it definitely gets the job done at a price that won’t hurt your wallet too bad.  Available in a few colors and sizes.

Rawlings Custom Helmet Designer – Meet our favorite helmet…or should we say helmets. This isn’t just a helmet! At the Rawlings site you can design your own helmet. How awesome is that? Many companies such as Boombah, Demarini and now Rawlings have realized that custom gear is popular and this is probably the first of what will end up being a wave of custom helmet designs. This is not a helmet for the budget conscious. It’s quite pricey compared to a standard helmet, however you get exactly what you (or your player) wants with this option from an exceptional company!

Helmet Award Decals/Stickers – If you are a coach then don’t forget to reward your players for a job well done.  Hand these out for any reason you think deserves some special recognition (MVP, RBI’s, Home Runs, Stolen Bases, etc) and deck that helmet out!

Chin Straps – While not everyone needs a chin strap, some leagues require it. Here are our two recommendations for chin straps, one with a chin cup and one without.
EvoShield Baseball/Softball Batting Helmet Chin Strap

Mizuno Padded Chin Strap for Batting Helmet, One Size, Black