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The Best List of Tips and Tricks to Learn to Pitch Fastpitch Softball

I’m gonna start this off by saying I’m not a coach. I do not work with anyone other than my own daughters. BUT, I will say I’m really good at researching and diving deep into the information to find what I’m looking for. When my daughter decided to learn to pitch, we first met with someone who could at least show her the basics. It wasn’t actual lessons, just more or less someone (with a LOT of experience) taking time to help us out at no cost. Those “lessons” helped her get her foot in the door, but ever since that day I’ve researched a whole lot about pitching and have come up with some really great information over that time period.

I’ve decided I’d love to help out some of the future pitchers coming in that don’t know a single thing about softball pitching.  I would love to share some of these links that I’ve come across while doing all of our research in hopes that it will save you a bit of hassle. If mom and dad don’t know a whole lot about pitching, then this page will be a great resource to help you out!

I would like to add that you will hear people mention “hello elbow” style pitching. I’ve been highly recommended by instructors that know a heck of a lot more than me to NOT do “hello elbow” and instead focus on more of an inner rotation (or IR) style of pitching. You may also hear IR called “Forearm Fire”. Almost everything you will see here will be along the lines of IR-style pitching.

You may find these links helpful in understanding the differences:

Good luck with learning to pitch! My daughter and I are still learning and watching videos and studying the great college pitchers to continue her path of being the best pitcher she can be.

NOTE: Even though it’s not always feasible, a pitching coach is highly recommended to help ensure bad techniques are not being picked up. Just make sure you vet the coach as well before committing to them.

With that, here is my list of favorite links that will help you along your fastpitch softball pitching journey.

– For a beginner that doesn’t know much at all about pitching in fastpitch softball, I highly recommend watching this video first.  It is the most basic, easy-to-understand video that I have come across showing the pitching steps accurately in a way that even a child can pick up on it.

Softball Pitching Instruction Progression Drills from Mike G

After the recommended video above, these videos are great for diving deeper into the softball pitch.

– Amanda Scarborough (Slow Motion)

– Foundation Comes First Amanda Scarborough

– I/R Drills/Tips from Mike M

– Beginner Tips from Mike M

– A Google Document on Pitching with Internal Rotation (IR) compiled from posts on Discussfastpitch.com by Boardmember

– Explaining Adduction in the Fastpitch Motion

– Fastpitch Softball Pitching Lessons Bill Hillhouse

– How to Throw Consistently as a Softball Pitcher Amanda Scarborough

– Brush Contact and Softball: How to Throw Like Yukiko Ueno

– The Release Point Rich Balswick

– Rich Balswich Pitching Videos 1, 2 & 3

– Rick Pauly Deceleration Brush Contact Drill

– Softball Pitching – Online Lesson Drill Example Softball Rebellion

– Softball Pitching Mechanics: The Glove Hand and Wall Work Phil Schonberg

– Softball Pitching Mechanics: Breaking Down Forearm Fire Phil Schonberg

– Stages of the Pitch Phil Schonberg (4 Separate Videos)
The Load – https://youtu.be/AJS0zp4sTTM
The Reach – https://youtu.be/7IishZ7kXOE
The Track – https://youtu.be/vaaSgGCRJwc
Fire & Drive (Delivery) – https://youtu.be/LN_fRHxFrsQ

Fastpitch Pitchers in Action

If you just really want to watch some pitchers in action here are a few to research.
TIP: You can slow the speed of YouTube videos by going to Settings<Playback Speed<0.25

Monica Abbott

Amanda Scarborough

Yukiko Ueno

Cheriden Hawkins

Michele Smith

Danielle Lawrie

Don’t forget that there are some men that are amazing fastpitch pitchers as well

Mike Piechnik

Bill Hillhouse

Random Pitchers


Online Fastpitch Softball Pitching Lessons

Another good option to getting better as a pitcher is taking advantage of online pitching lessons and courses. At least with some of the online lessons, you can have an experienced eye critique your movements and make sure you aren’t doing anything wrong (not available with all courses). A few of the ones you may want to look into are listed below.

DR3 Pitching – dr3pitching.com

Pitching Angel – pitching-angel.com

Paisleys Pitching – paisleyspitching.com

Fastpitch Power – fastpitchpower.com/virtual/

Virtual Softball Academy – virtualsoftballacademy.com

Breakthrewfastpitch – breakthrewfastpitch.com

Fastpitch Softball Pitching Aids

Lastly, I want to mention that there are some things that come in really handy when training to be a pitcher. Below is a list of items that you may or may not find useful for your practice.

All Turf Mats The Elite Softball Pitching Mat – PB36120GREEN 3′ x 10′ XL Green Nylon Softball Pitchers Pitching Mound with 5mm Foam Power Line

You can also attempt making your own mat by following a video such as this one – https://youtu.be/idzxERxjGdQ

PowerNet German Marquez Pitching Pad | 4 Pocket Baseball Softball Training Tool | Hang in Cages or a Practice Net | All Ages | Realistic Catcher

CANNONBALL – Weighted Training Softball – Fastpitch Softball Pitching Training Tool Aid

Softball Pitching Training Aid, Right Rotation Softball Training Aid For Pitcher, Used At The Women’s Professional Fastpitch

Franklin Sports Pitcher’s Mound Rubber – Softball + Baseball Pitching Rubber for Mound – Portable Pitching Mound – Indoor + Outdoor Pitchers Plate – 24″

VPX Softball Training Harness | Adds 4-6MPH of Velocity & Power Quickly | Improves Swing, Batting, & Pitching Mechanics | Hitters, Pitchers, & Catchers | Fastpitch, Slowpitch, Youth, Mens, Girls, Kids

Fortress Portable Baseball Pitching Target | 9 Hole Pitchers Target Strike Zone | Softball & Baseball Net Pitching Training Aids | Baseball Training Equipment

Pocket Radar Smart Coach / Compatible with Pocket Radar App

Hopefully, you will end up an AMAZING pitcher! We wish you the best of luck with your learning process!!

-Softball Galaxy


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