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All players want to get better at softball….well, at least hopefully they do!  Nothing will get you in pristine playing condition as well as practice and good solid coaching from a knowledgeable coach or trainer.  However, do not discount the use of training aids to sharpen your batting and fielding performance.  Here at Softball Galaxy we’ve compiled a list of some of the most tried and true training aids to continually get better in your softball game.

Nothing gets you ready for batting like a good batting practice off the tee.  Players can get in a lot of swings in a short amount of time with a tee.  Now understand this, there are some JUNK tees out there, so make sure that if you don’t take our recommendations that you at least look up some reviews of what you are getting before you buy it.  While some of them could be quality, many of the lower priced options will end up falling apart within a few sessions.  Here are two tees that are on both end of the price spectrum so you can make a good choice.

First up is the tee that, if you’re dead serious about dedicated tee practice and you plan to hit many many balls off of a tee – well this is the tee for you.  The Tanner Tee is probably the most well accepted tee on the market at this time.  Coaches and players alike love the ease and durability of this well made batting tee.  With 25+ years of custom tee building experience, Tanner Tees hit the nail on the head with this product.  Featuring a patented, hand-rolled flexible rubber ball rest, the Tanner Tee gives the batter more feel of the ball being hit and less of the the tee which is a great thing.  Long lasting and solidly built with a reputation of backing the quality of their products, you would not regret purchasing the Tanner Tee.

Tanner Tee

Next we have the MacGregor Batting Tee.  This is a nice, quality tee that is more budget friendly than the Tanner Tee.  Made of heavy duty rubber components and a heavy base, the MacGregor Batting Tee should give you plenty of reps at the tee.  With a height adjustment from 20″-36″ this tee can easily (and quickly) simulate high and low pitches.   If you don’t want to spend too much on a batting tee and still get quality, you can’t do much better at this price point than with the MacGregor Batting Tee.

SKLZ Impact Balls – Heavy-Duty Training Ball

If you are going to be doing your training on the tee, then of course you’re gonna need something to swing at.  Many prefer the ease of hitting plastic balls off the tee and saving the wear on their more expensive softballs.  The SKLZ Impact Heavy Duty Plastic Softballs (Pack of 8) work perfectly for this type of use.  Virtually indestructible, these plastic balls can take tons of hits.  They are a little heavier than your typical plastic practice ball, so they provide a better feel at time of impact with the bat.  This also provides truer flight and more ease of pitching if you do soft toss or practice pitches to other hitters.  Make sure you don’t regret buying the cheap, thinner plastic practice balls this year.  Grab up these SKLZ Impact Heavy Duty Plastic Softballs and enjoy the advantage you get with them.

FORTRESS Baseball Sock Net Screen – Pro Quality

If you’re going to do tee practice then you really will want a hitting net to catch your balls, ESPECIALLY if you’re hitting real softballs.  The mother of all nets is the Fortress Baseball Sock Net Screen (and yes, it will work for softballs despite the name).Measuring in at 7’x7′ and  built solidly out of a galvanized steel frame with rubberized feet, the Fortress Baseball Sock Net Screen is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  With it’s #42 sized heavy duty netting you can expect years of use catching all your line drives into this amazing net.  Pitchers can also benefit from this net as well.  Easy set up and takedown, make this net a great addition to your training items.

Easton XLP Catch Net, 5-Feet

If you want a bit lighter weight, smaller net than the fortress the Easton XLP Catch Net would be what you’re looking for.  If you look at the market there are many rebranded similar batting nets out there.  However most of them don’t catch the ball like the Easton XLP Catch Net does.  Available in 5’x5′ (pictured) and 7’x7′, you can pick the size that fits your practice needs the most.  With Easton you know you can expect a good quality product and this hitting net does not disappoint.  Lightweight, durable, double stitched netting and a large target area make the Easton XLP Catch Net a definite contender for our favorite hitting nets.



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