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So ball season is back in full swing and you’re low on softballs for your girls. There’s plenty of options to choose from, but are there any that are actually standouts above the rest? Here at Softball Galaxy we can help you decide which softball you should be playing this year.

First off let us point out that we aren’t recommending these for slow pitch. Only fast pitch optic yellow softballs will be discussed.

So what size do you need?
Most often in youth fastpitch you will be seeing the 11″ or 12″ ball being used. However, sizing can range from 10″-12″ depending on the league (so double check with your coaches or league before you buy).

Which stamps should you look for?
Typically each league will have set rules that tell you what stamps to look for on softballs. USSSA, ASA, and NFHS all have different standards set for compression, ball size and COR (coefficient of restitution). Once again, make sure that you check with your coaches or league officials for the information you need to pick the right stamped ball.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into the softballs!

For this article we will be separating the ASA, NFHS, and USSSA balls.


Our first ball you must look into is the MacGregor X100.  Balls can be expensive, especially if you want quality ones.  The MacGregor X100’s are a nice, wallet friendly choice.  With raised seams (not quite on par with some of the more expensive options, but still very good) and a leather covering, you can expect to get some great results from these balls.  At this time you can easily find the MacGregor  X100’s in ASA certified and NFHS certified, just make sure you’re getting the right ball for the right league.  If you don’t want to break the bank on softballs then these are a definite choice for you! (.47 COR, 375 Compression)

On deck we have the Rawlings 12″ C12RYLAH Official ASA Dream Seam Fast Pitch Softballs.  Claimed by some to be the “best fastpitch ball” on the market, the Dream Seam may have a bit bigger price tag than the MacGregor X100, but may be worth it to you for what you’re getting.  You may not wish to use these as an all around practice ball, but for game time and pitching, this is a contender for filling that spot.  The “Dream Seam” name is not misleading on these balls.  Pitchers love them and much prefer the feel of these seams in their hands, so if you’re little one spends time on the mound, make sure you give the Rawlings 12″ Dream Seams a try and she may never want another brand ball in her hands. (.47 COR, 375 Compression)


The Champro Synthetic USSSA Fast Pitch 11″ Ball is a solid choice for girls under USSSA standards.  This fair priced ball has a solid polyurethane core and it’s covering is a durahide cover giving this ball good durability.  The blue seams are raised for good grip when handling the Champro Synthetic ball. (.47 COR, 350 Compression)

Dudley balls are known for their quality, and the Dudley USSSA Thunder Heat Fast Pitch 12″ Softball is no letdown for their brand.  Sporting a leather cover for long lasting durability, blue raised seams for a good grip and a polyurethane center makes the Dudley ball a great game or practice ball for those in the USSSA leagues.  (.47 COR, 350 Compression)


The Mark 1 NFHS 12″ Softball has quite a following of fans.  Due to it’s normally affordable price, this ball is a great one to be bringing to the field.  This is a leather covered raised stitch ball and should last a good long time with your players.  The Mark 1 has a poly-core for quality performance.  If you don’t want to spend a ton for a good NFHS stamped softball, the Mark 1 is one of your best bets. (.47 COR, 375 Compression)

You may end up paying up for the Wilson High School and Adult Fast Pitch Softball 12″ (A9011), however the phrase “you get what you pay for” can be applied to this ball.  One of the most well touted balls in NFHS leagues, this ball will serve any purpose included as your sole game ball.  There is a reason that as of this time the A9011 is the official game ball of the NFHS league.  The A9011 has a nice durable leather covering with SST raised seams that are 20% higher than other fast-pitch balls.  The A9011 sports a compression controlled polycore.  (.47 COR, 375 Compression)

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